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Flying gently above the clouds, carried along by gentle breezes, the beautiful view below completing what is a totally serene experience. This is how most of us who have gone on a hot air balloon flight would describe it.

Although hot air balloon flights are today given as gifts to friends and relatives, or chosen as a romantic venue for a wedding or anniversary, they have not always been so widely available nor have they always been considered peaceful! To the early pioneers, hot air ballooning was a thrilling adventure, presenting serious challenges.

From the first attempt at ballooning across the Atlantic to the first successful around the world balloon flight, hot air balloonists have been at the forefront of scientific experimentation and adventurous thrill-seeking, and have firmly established themselves as historical figures.

Throughout history famous balloonists have pushed themselves to greater and greater feats, failing dramatically at times and succeeding brilliantly at others.

In the Flights section of we have catalogued the greatest hot air balloon flights in history, as well as provided information about what one might expect to happen on a typical hot air balloon flight, right down to the sparkling champagne!

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